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13.56 MHz HF Mount-on-Metal RFID Tag

Overview 13.56 MHz HF Mount-on-Metal RFID Tag

This high frequency mount-on-metal RFID tag features self-adhesives for easy surface mounting or installation in a metal recess and is encased in epoxy for protection against harsh environments. It is a good solution for industrial tagging on metal surfaces, tagging of IT assets or other similar metal items.

The mount-on-metal tag is compliant with a number of protocols including ICODE and Mifare options and offers a tested read range of 2 to 6 cm. Optional graphic printing is available.

Technical Specifications 13.56 MHz HF Mount-on-Metal RFID Tag

TypeContactless Read/Write
Operating Frequency13.56 MHz High Frequency (HF)
Capacity512 bits512 bit1 kbits
Tested Read Range2 to 6 cm (reader dependent)
Size46 31 3.5 mm
MaterialSemi-flexible, EMI shielded, epoxy coated
ColorWhite; print option available
ComplianceICODE, SLIMifare 512 UltralightMifare 1k S50
RegulatoryISO 15693ISO 14443ISO 14443
Operating SpecificationsWater and dustproof
Operating Temperature-25 C to 70 C
Storage temperature-40 C to 85 C

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