Reader for 13.56 MHz (HF-High Frequency).

Antenna NOT included.


This is an ISO15693 reader module designed to read smart labels. The module has a read range feature which depends on the size of antenna can be up to 200mm. The reader reads transponders with an operating frequency of 13.56 MHz (e.g. I-CODE SLI, Tag-It HF-I ...etc.). Designed for integrators to install into other devices, such as printers, terminals and handheld devices with a DIP28 pin package.

Application Usage:

Integration into other hardware for Ticketing, Access control


Power requirements:5 VDC 80 mA transmit 70mA standby.
Communications Interface:RS232, UART, RS485
Frequency:13.56 MHz (HF-High Frequency).
Power Output:0.2 Watt
Read Write Distance:up to 20 cm. with ISO 15693 compliant transponders
Technical Certificates:CE, FCC
Dimensions:L 39 mm X W 21 mm X H 11.6 mm
Weight: ~ g.
Operating Specifications:Operating Temperature: -0C ~+60C
Storage Temperature: -20C ~ +70C
Humidity: 10~90 % relative
Multi-Detection: No
Antenna Compatibility:No antenna IC chip only
Antenna Connection:None
Transponder Compatibility:Tag-it@HF-I ICODE SLI, LR1512, my d vicinity, ISO 15693 Compliant Transponders

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