13.56 MHz. RFID Handheld Reader / Writer, 140 Rugged PDA

13.56 MHz. RFID Handheld Reader / Writer, 140 Rugged PDA - Request Further Information About this Product

13.56 MHz. RFID Handheld Reader / Writer, 140 Rugged PDA - Overview:

This 13.56MHz PDA based RFID reader/writer, 140 Rugged PDA, is designed for industrial and outdoor environments. Ideal for field service, direct store delivery, retail, warehouse and manufacturing applications.

You can use the product as a handheld device for information management, information collection, or data transfer. The '140' is built to IP54 industry standards and can withstand harsh environments.

This device uses Intel® PXA255 Processor. It is a highly integrated unit which includes high performance of low-power Intel® XScale™ microarchitecture.

The 140 Rugged PDA includes an LCD touch screen, 22 key interface, audio control (output), SD slot, IC card slot, contactless HF RFID, GPRS (900/1800/1900MHz) , Bluetooth and USB connectivity.


13.56 MHz. RFID Handheld Reader / Writer, 140 Rugged PDA - Specifications:

CPU: Intel XSCALE 255 chip; Main frequency 400MHz
LCD Pixel Format: 320X240
LCD Screen Size: 2.8 Inch with backlight
LCD Color Display:16 bits, support 65535 colors
GPRS Function:Support GPRS Voice and Data transfer
GPRS Base Band: 900/1800/1900 (OPTIONAL)
Bluetooth Function:Bluetooth 1.1 standard
Operating System:WinCE 5.0
Antenna Compatibity:Built in
Antenna Connection: Not required
Reading Distance: 8 cm maximum, tags dependent
SD Slot: SD CARD and SDIO function
Transponder Compatibility:ISO 15693; ISO 14443 A/B
Untouched IC: ISO/IEC 7816-1/2/3 standard
Audio Function:Integrated AC97 MC and speaker
PSAM CARD: Two PSAM Cards supported
USB Function: USB1.1
Serial Port: Full Function Uart
Key PAD:22 Keys available
Power Management: Dual- Battery System
The exterior battery ~ 1800 mAH
The interior battery ~ 300 mAH
Power supply:5V charger
Environmental Sealing: IP54 Standard. Anti-shock / Dustproof
Operating Temperature: -20 ºC -- 50 ºC
Storage Temperature: -25 ºC -- 60 ºC
Humidity: 10% -- 70%
Size (length/width/height):140x75x30 mm
Weight: 380 g

Order Info:
SD type WiFi Card - Optional
Cradle (including an extra battery) - Optional

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