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Overview - Active Temperature Sensor Tags

These Active Temperature Sensor Tags operate at 2.45 GHz, for global use, and provide real-time collection and monitoring of an items temperature. The tag also allows for boundary temperatures to be configured and will transmit an alarm if the temperature of the item exceeds the boundary condition. The 127003L tag can store up to 1000 measured temperature readings with time stamp in a first in first out queue. These active tags can be switched between work mode where the tag continues to transmit at a configurable interval or idle mode to save energy. A wide temperature range allows for the monitoring of both very high temperatures and ultra-low temperatures.

Key Features - Active Temperature Sensor Tags

  • Highly Sensitive, accurate external fixed temperature probe
  • Detects temperature in real time
  • Configurable between work and idle mode
  • Can store up to 1000 measured readings (model 127003L)
  • 2.45 GHz global ISM frequency
  • Identification rate of 100 tags per second

Technical Specifications - Active Temperature Sensor Tags

Frequency2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz, ISM frequency
Read Range2 to 50 meters adjustable
Communication ModeRead OnlyRead & Store up to 1000 measured readings
Data Rate1Mbps
Anti-collision100 tags per second
Transmit Interval1 to 600s adjustable
ModesWork and Idle
Power<7 A, 3 V
Output Power0 dBm
Battery LifeBattery Life 2 years (irreplaceable)Over 1 year with replaceable battery
Temperature Detecting Range-80 to +120C, 0 to 200C-30 to 120 C
Dimension90 31 11 mm
Weight30 g
Wire Length100cm/300cm
Operating Temperature-20 to 60 C
Storage temperature0 to 30 C
Operating Humidity90% non-condensing

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