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This active RFID network reader provides all networking needs in a compact device which can be configured to serve as a Wi-Fi reader, an externally powered LAN reader or a LAN PoE reader. The wireless reader detects and decodes RF signals from compatible Wavetrend RFID tags.

The network reader offers two operating modes: Autopoll or Store Poll modes. In Autopoll mode, the reader will return tag data of any tags in range andwill send IP packets when a tag is read. It provides on-board real time clock; when in Store Mode each tag event is recorded, time stamped and logged in the readers internal memory. It is able to hold the information for up to 1000 individual tags. This can be downloaded in a single IP packet upon request which dramatically reduces IP traffic in high tag density deployments.

This advanced RFID network reader supports built in business rules to override the Store Poll settings and allows users to set alarms such as tag arrival, tag departure, tag is being tampered with and tag is in motion.

Key Features

  • Real time reading of compatible RFID tags
  • Provides Wi-Fi, LAN or LAN PoE connectivity
  • Store and forward functionality
  • Compatible with latest security protocols
  • Supports a wide variety of antennas

Technical Specifications

Radio Frequency
Receive Frequency433.92 MHz
RF Input50 Ohm BNC
Operating temperature- 40 C to 85 C
Storage temperature- 20 C to 70 C
Humidity5% to 90% (Non condensing)
Size125 mm 80 mm 30 mm
Weight (unit)200 grams
ColorAluminium Grey
Connections2 pairs of relay contacts, C, NO, NC
1 Mini USB type socket
2.5mm Power socket
Supply Voltage9V to 28V DC
Max current consumption70 mA
Average current consumption60 mA

Typical read ranges of tags with various antennas

(Distances may vary depending on the ambient RF environmentand site configurations and may not match those stated in this sheet. Read ranges will generally be greater outdoors than indoors. With specialist antennas, ranges in excess of 500m can be achieved.)

Antenna TypeRead Range
AN100 Whip up to 50m
AN200⅛ Stub- up to 20m
AN360Patch up to 150m
AN410Outdoor Whip up to 150m

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