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Overview - All-in-One HF Mid-Range Reader/Writer

The high frequency mid range reader/writer is an all-in-one desktop device that integrates a reader/writer module and antenna into one unit. This advanced reader reads tags compliant to ISO15693 and ISO18000-3 standards. It provides high-sensitivity read and write capability and an efficient anti-collision algorithm with a read speed of up to 50tags/s. This compact, modern designed reader/writer is well suited for use in books and documents management, jewelry inventory, medicine tracking and general asset tracking. GAO also supplies a highly innovative model of this reader that allows the device to be used on metal, which is rarely seen in an HF reader.

Key Features - All-in-One HF Mid-Range Reader/Writer

  • Greater than 40 cm read range
  • Ultra thin design
  • Compliant with ISO15693 and ISO18000-3 standards
  • LED for current operation status indication

Applications - All-in-One HF Mid-Range Reader/Writer

  • Asset Tracking
  • Document management
  • Jewelry inventory
  • Medicine tracking
  • Laundry Management
  • Logistics

Technical Specifications - All-in-One HF Mid-Range Reader/Writer

Support protocolISO15693, ISO18000-3
RF powerMore than 1w
Read range>40cm(card dependent)
Read speedUp to 50 tags/s
Communication interfaceOne RS232
Power supply12VDC
Application environmentOn metalOff metal
Housing materialTempered glass, Acrylic glass, Aluminum alloy
Dimension410mm x 300mm x 25mm
Operating temperature-10C to 60C
Storage temperature-25C to 60C
Relative humidity5% to 80%

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