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UHF 902 MHz RFID Paddle Reader

902 MHz. RFID UHF Paddle Reader w/ Bluetooth

902 MHz. RFID UHF Paddle Reader w/ Bluetooth - Request Further Information About this Product

902 MHz. RFID UHF Paddle Reader w/ Bluetooth - Overview:

The RFID Blue Tooth Paddle Reader provides a smart combination of Interfaces for enterprise IT managers wanting to integrate RFID into their systems. The unit is ideal for the mobile workforce to track and monitor mobile assets and is readily integrated with a wide variety of Wireless handheld PDAs including Symbol, Intermec, HHP, Psion Teklogix, i-mate Jam, Ipaq and many more. Blue Tooth connectivity makes it a perfect retrofit option for businesses that want to add value to their investment in handheld technology.


902 MHz. RFID UHF Paddle Reader w/ Bluetooth - Feature :

  • Designed for handheld, ergonomic styling ergonomic styling
  • Lightweight portable proximity reader powered by rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Available with ActiveX controls for Microsoft Windows application programmers undertaking software integration
  • Full Read/Write Functionality for compatible tags
  • Can be used in conjunction with Blue Tooth GPS location devices for Asset mapping


902 MHz. RFID UHF Paddle Reader w/ Bluetooth - Applications:

Access control, Asset tracking, Warehouse Management, and Livestock tagging etc.


902 MHz. RFID UHF Paddle Reader w/ Bluetooth - Specification:


210mm (h) x 70mm (w) x 15 mm (d) (approx.)


135 grams (approx.)

Communication Interface

USB or Bluetooth.

Reading distance

Up to 1 m, typically 40 cm


902 MHz ~ 928 MHz


High Impact Plastic

Data Rate

Up to 640 kbps


Internal only

Power Supply

Via USB for high-capacity internal Li-Ion battery recharge

Bluetooth Interface

Class 2 (typically 10m operation).

IP Rating


Operating temperature / storage

-10 to +60 C


Transponder Compatibility:

ISO 18000-6b, EPC Class 1 Gen 1, EPC UHF Gen 2

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