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Overview Rugged Circular Polarized Antenna

The rugged 902 MHz to 928 MHz antenna has an all metal enclosure protecting its components making it extremely resistant to damage and making it ideal for use on forklifts or rail cars. It is also able to operate over a wide temperature range so it is suitable for outdoor use. The antenna has a relatively small footprint at 7.6"x 7.6" x .95" and provides 6 dBi of gain. A plastic front panel is available for custom branding or other text or graphic elements.

Key Features Rugged Circular Polarized Antenna

  • Extremely low VSWR
  • Wide band
  • Weather resistant radome
  • Wide range of connector and cable options
  • Left hand and right hand CP versions

Applications Rugged Circular Polarized Antenna

  • Direct forklift Mount
  • Rail Cars
  • Warehouse
  • Distribution Centers
  • Transit terminals
  • Conveyor Belts

Technical Specifications Rugged Circular Polarized Antenna

Frequency Range902 - 928 MHz
Gain6 dBi
Maximum VSWR1.5:1
3 dB Beamwidth - Azimuth 80
Front to Back Ratio10 dB
PolarizationCircular Right-hand
Maximum Input Power4 Watts
Input Impedence50 Ohms
Axial Ratio3 dB
Weight (Kg)2.6 lbs (1.2)
Mechanical Size7.59" x 7.59" x .95"
Antenna ConnectionRight Angle Type N Female
RadomeAluminum w/ Minimal Polycarbonate
Mount StyleChassis mount
Temperature Operational-30 C to 70 C
Lightning ProtectionDC Grounded

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