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Overview Small Box-Shaped Antenna

This small box-shaped antenna is designed to strengthen the signal power, increase the wireless range, reduce dead spots, and provide reliability at high data rates. With an ABS industrial material housing, it is highly durable and resistant to harsh environments. This high frequency RFID antenna is well-suited for asset identification, industrial automatic control, production tracking, livestock tracking, and file management applications.

Applications Small Box-Shaped Antenna

  • Asset identification
  • Industrial automatic control
  • Production tracking
  • Livestock tracking
  • File management

Technical Specifications Small Box-Shaped Antenna

Operating Frequency13.56 MHZ
ProtocolISO15693 and ISO18000-3
Maximum power2W
Antenna impedance50Ω
Reading distance(Max)50 cm Single antenna
Dimension (L x W x H)340mm x 250mm x 9mm
Operating temperature-20C to 60C
Storage temperature-25C to 70C
Housing materialABS plastic
Weight0.65 kg

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