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Technical Specifications

Regulatory Compliance RoHS, CE 0682
Frequency Range 902 928 MHz
Gain 6.5 dBic (min) 7.5 dBic (max)
0VSWR 1.3 :1 (typical) , 1.5 : 1 (max)
Polarization LHCP
3DB Elevation Beamwidth 75 (typical)
3DB Azimuth Beamwidth 75 (typical)
F/B Ratio -15 dB (typical)
Power 6 W (max)
Input Impedance 50 Ω
Axial Ratio at Boresight 3.5 dB (max)
Lightning Protection DC Grounded
Dimensions (L W D) 190 190 30 mm
Connector Right angle N-Type female
Weight 2 kg (max)
Structure Flat antenna housed in Aluminum with chemical conversion coating enclosure
Outline Drawing RD42815500C
Test Standard Duration Temperature Notes
Low Temperature IEC 68-2-1 72 h -55 C
High Temperature IEC 68-2-2 72 h +71 C
Temp. Cycling IEC 68-2-14 1 h -45 C to +70 C 3 Cycles
Thermal Shock NONO-Operating

-30C to+70C Ramp 30 C/min
Humidity ETSI EN300-2-4 T4.1E144 h
95 %
Water Tightness IEC 529

Dust Resistance

Solar Radiation ASTM G53 1000h

Ozone Resistance ETSI 300

Flammability UL 94

Class HB
Quasi Random Vibration

20 g rms for 4 hours
Vehicle Vibration Operating 1 grms, 10-500 Hz, in 3 axis

6 hours total, 2 hr in each axis. Accelerated wear-an additional 50hrs in worst case axis.
Mechanical Shock Operating10 g, 11 msec, half sine pulse

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