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433 MHz RFID Antenna
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Technical Specifications

Dimensions250 mm L x 250 mm W x 58 mm D
Connector TypeRP TNC requires accessory cable to connect to reader, can be ordered separately
Connector PositionAntenna has a cable 12”coming out of the bottom of the box
Mounting bracketAvailable separately
Weight0.46 kg
CasingMetal with plastic cover
Freq. Range433MHz
Gain4.9 dBi
VSWR≤ 1,08
PolarizationLHCP or RHCP
3db Beam Width92°
Input Power34 dBm
Max Power5 watts
Operating Temperature-0° C to +55° C (indoor use only)
Storage Temperature-40 °C to +70° C

The Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) is a measure of impedance mismatch between the transmission line and its load is shown below.

Measured pattern of an antenna

Measured VSWR

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