Cable for Antenna for 902 ~ 928 MHz.(UHF-Ultra High Frequency) US


The346002 UHF 900MHz. cable is a coaxial cable for extending your existing antenna cable, with SMA male on one end and SMA female on the other end.

This cable is made with 50-Ohm impedance RG58 wire.

We can also build this cable in any length you request.

Please note that this cable is Standard Polarity SMA. Most UHF antenna use a reverse-polarity connection, so for a Reverse-Polarity SMA cable, with external threading on the male side and internal on the female side, see our GAO 900 MHz. RP Antenna Cable.

Operating Specifications:Operating Temperature: -0C ~+60C
Storage Temperature: -20C ~ +70C
Humidity: 90 % relative
Max read quantity:20 tags/sec
Transponder Compatibility:ISO 18000-6b, EPC Class 1 Gen 1, EPC UHF Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6c
Additional Features:6 Meter cables available as stock item.
Other lengths are custom built.

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