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125 kHz Handheld Data Collection Terminal

125 kHz. Handheld Guard Patrol Tour Terminal


The Patrol Tour Data Collection Terminal stores the ID codes of RFID tags in a journal memory, together with a Date/Time Stamp. It is suitable for such applications as security patrolling, remote equipment inspection and maintenance or anytime you need to know when a tag was read.

Application Usage

Mobile Time & Attendance
Guard Tour Monitoring System
Remote Equipment Inspection Management
Goods Delivery, Transportation Management


RFID card:                     125Khz, ASK Manchester coding, EM Compatible 64 Bits
LCD Status indicator:      Green/Red indicator LED Operation status & Battery  
LCD Display:                   FSTN 101 x 67
Memory size:                  512K bytesUp to 8192 records
Battery power:                 Single-cell Size AAA 1.5V DC Battery
Power supply from cable: DC5V, 200mA RS232
Interface:                        RS232, 19200 N, 8, 1 or USB (Optional)
Reading distance:            from 10 to 50 mm depends on the RFID card.
Safety Certificate:            FCC/CE
Dimension:                      L58 X W20 X H47 mm
Environment :                  Operation temp: from 0 ~ 55 degree
                                      Humidity: 10 ~ 90% relative
Software :                       Patrol Manager (Optional)

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