Reader for 125KHz or 13.56 MHz. cards

Simple to use device that applies dual read technology so that a wider variety of cards can be used. This device is used for authorization/login to POS terminals or any device that requires security prior to being used. The card must be sitting in the cradle in order for the device to work.
Application Usage:Reads unique serial number, can also have prefix or suffix's
Power requirements:5V DC 150mA
Communications Interface:RS232
Baud rate:2400 ~ 19200 bps N, 8, 1
Frequency: 125 KHz or 13.56 MHz.
Read Distance:Contact with cradle required
Technical Certificates:CE, FCC
Dimensions: L 120 mm X W 86 mm X H 42 mm
Weight:~ 150g.
Operating Specifications:Operating Temperature: -0C ~+50C
Storage Temperature: -10C ~ +60C
Humidity: 10~90 % relative
Antenna Compatibility:Built in
Antenna Connection:None required
Transponder Compatibility:
EM compatible 64 bits, ASK Manchester, ISO 14443A Mifare
MF1 1K & 4K, Ultralite, DESfire Read Only

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