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UHF Intelligent Antenna Multiplexer
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Overview UHF Intelligent Antenna Multiplexer

This high performance UHF antenna multiplexer system is intended for networking and distributing UHF RFID antennae to enable real-time item level assets tracking and management. It is also an ideal choice for smart shelf, electronic label shelf and other RFID applications. This antenna multiplexer utilizes master and slave unit design and all information exchange between master and slave goes through RF cables so no extra communication cabling is needed.

It utilizes a proprietary intelligent identification algorithm and can realize as many as 32 slave multiplexers and 256 antenna connections. It also provides real time antenna connection status.

Key Features UHF Intelligent Antenna Multiplexer

  • Operating frequency 860 to 960 MHz
  • Master and slave unit design
  • Master with 1 RF input connecting reader and 8 RF output ports
  • Slave with 1 RF input connecting master, 1 RF output for cascading and 8 RF output for antennae
  • Supports 4 level slave cascading
  • Total 256 antennae supported
  • Employs antenna scanning for its network topology
  • Plug-and-play
  • Low insertion loss
  • Low power dissipation design with single +9 V DC supply
  • RS232 and TCP/IP interfaces

Master Interface UHF Intelligent Antenna Multiplexer

  1. Power Supply DC JACK

  2. No.SymbolComment
    CentralPWR+9V power supply

  3. Serial Port RS232 (DB9 Female)

  4. No.SymbolComment
    2TXDRS232 serial data output
    3RXDRS232 serial data input

  5. TCP/IP (10M/100M) Socket RJ45

  6. MCX (Female) RF Output OUT1 to OUT8

  7. SMA (Female) RF Input RFIN

  8. Indicator

  9. No.SymbolComment
    1LED1Working indicator
    2LED2Power on indicator

Slave Interface UHF Intelligent Antenna Multiplexer

  1. MCX RF Input IN

  2. MCX RF Cascade Output OUT

  3. MCX Antenna Port ANT1 to ANT8

  4. Working Indicator LED

Characteristics UHF Intelligent Antenna Multiplexer

  • Absolute Maximum Rating

    Power SupplyVCC45V
    Operating Temp.TOPR-10 to 55C
    Storage Temp.TSTR-20 to 75C

  • Electrical and Mechanical Specification
    Under TA=25 C, VCC=+9 V unless specified

    Power SupplyVCC7940V
    Current DissipationIC170200300mA
    RF Output PowerPout


* Effective distance depends on protocol, tag and environment

Technical Specifications UHF Intelligent Antenna Multiplexer

Size (mm) 200 x 105 x 28 (Master)
125 x 59 x 17 (Slave)
Weight 500 g (Master)
220 g (Slave)

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