Reader Module for 125 KHz (LF-Low Frequency).


The 125 kHz(LF-Low Frequency) module is designed to be a direct replacement for Magnetic Stripe Reader Modules to convert the existing application and hardware to RFID technology. This module allows existing installations to retain most of their hardware infrastructure and change to more secure RFID technology. There are several frequencies and RFID coding options available.

Application Usage:

Direct replacement Magnetic Stripe Reader to RFID Reader


Power requirements:5 VDC 55 mA.
Communications Interface:MSR ABA Track 2
Frequency:125 KHz (LF-Low Frequency).
Power Output:0.2 Watt
Read Write Distance:up to 80 mm. with ISO cards under ideal conditions
Technical Certificates:CE, FCC
Dimensions:L 90 mm X W 22.5 mm X H 24 mm
Weight: ~ g.
Operating Specifications:Operating Temperature: -0C ~+60C
Storage Temperature: -20C ~ +70C
Humidity: 10~90 % relative
Multi-Detection: No
Antenna Compatibility:No antenna required
Antenna Connection:Built in
Transponder Compatibility:Read only EM compatible

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