Ordering Part:

733001 - 13.56 MHz. HF 4-Port Multiplexer

733002 - 13.56 MHz. HF 8-Port Multiplexer

736001 - 900 MHz. UHF 4-Port Multiplexer

736002 - 900 MHz. UHF 8-Port Multiplexer


Product Overview:

SkyeTek offers the SkyePlus? MXH and MXU antenna multiplexers to ease integration efforts for those devices requiring multiple read-points.

Both the MXH and MXU can be equipped with 4 or 8 antenna ports depending on the application requirements. Infrastructure costs are reduced by using the multiplexer to minimize the number of readers required to support multiple read-points.

Digital control of the multiplexer is accomplished by either the host processor or reader module allowing any of the 8 antennas to be explicitly addressed using 3 GPIO pins. Additional multiplexers can be added to increase the number of antennas a module can support beyond 8 presenting a scalable solution.


SkyePlus MXH 13.56 MHz antenna multiplexer

SkyePlus MXU 860-960 MHz antenna multiplexer

HF Frequency

UHF Frequency

Low Insertion loss: < 0.7 dB

Low Insertion Loss: <1.4 dB

Isolation: 45 dB Minimum

Isolation: 30 dB

Control Voltage: CMOS/TTL levels

Control Voltage: CMOS or TTL Levels

4-port & 8-port

4-port & 8-port

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